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Blog based generally on my interests. There is no specific purpose to it. I generally rant, write story fragments, poetry and other random things. I love fantasy literally and gothic stles. I also like metal bands like In This Moment, Delain, Elysion, Nightwish and many others. I am not good at art, but I regurlarly post images I have found that I like, which are usually dark and gothic. Anyway I hope you enjoy.

I should say this to many.

I'm both shocked and depressed since watching Catelyn and Robb Stark die in Game of Thrones.

I really hate George R. R. Martin for killing off Khal Drogo. WHY?????!!!!!!!!!!

I was gutted when Drogo died in Game Of Thrones.

Anonymous said: There is nothing wrong with liking science at all. In fact, we need more people like you out there.

Thank you. People at school don’t like me though. I just I understand what it’s like to be bullied and have lies told about you purely for other people’s entertainment. Thank you, again. 

Anonymous said: Those Juliet haters invent reasons to hate her that don't exist. there is actually a few blogs that claim to expose the truth on her when it really isn't the truth - they just turn everything she does into something bad. Few other artists have that done to them. :/

Juliet Simms is a person. She’s probably not perfect, hey! Who is? But she is still a person and I just wish that people would imagine themselves being an artist like Juliet and having fame and then have people making up lies about them and hating them and being really sick with their hate. A hate that is uncalled for. They don’t know her, they don’t know what she’s like as a person. I mean she could be a total bitch, but that’s not for anybody to judge. And I honestly don’t listen to her music. I listened to Automatic Loveletter and I found it ok, not great, but ok. No one deserves to be treated like she is being treated. And this is coming from someone who goes to school every single day and has lies spread about him constantly and is bullied for being bisexual and for being smart and for liking science. And I do not need it. So neither does Juliet. It’s this kind of bullying that leads to suicides. 

Thank you very much for messaging me. People do need to get a grip over this. 

Unpopular opinion: I don't think Conchita Wurst should have won Eurovision 2014


There. I said it. I don’t think Conchita Wurst should have won 2014 Eurovision Song Contest, because she is at best a political statement, and at the very worse, someone trying to have a laugh. I would like it to be clearly understood: Conchita is not a transgendered man, she is a drag queen…

Basically he/she won because he/she has a beard. I’m glad I’m not the only one who thinks this.

Sorry, I've got to say this. Conchita Wurst should not have won Eurovision. Now before everyone starts saying that I am transphobic, I am an openly bisexual man who supports Equal Rights. The Eurovision Song Contest is supposed to be judged on music, the song and vocal ability. There were many better artists participating in Eurovision. Conchita Wurst, lets face it won because he/she has a beard. If he/she hadn't had a beard, he/she probably wouldn't have won.

Sorry if this offends anybody, but this is my opinion, as I believe that there were better songs and artists in the competition than Wurst.



I hate Julie Carp. She has to be one of the most annoying women on the street. She’s still having dramatic breakdowns over Brian six months later.



I hate Julie Carp. She has to be one of the most annoying women on the street. She’s still having dramatic breakdowns over Brian six months later.

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